The Yaak in Northwest Montana

Welcome to the Yaak....

Located in the far northwest corner of Montana is an area known as the Yaak. An area where one can still escape the frantic hustle and bustle of our daily lives and enjoy the gradually disappearing beauty of the wooded forests, nature and wildlife.

Driving in the area can be an adventure all in itself. Rugged and remote can still be a good description of the area. Although more and more I see the "wilderness" losing ground to various new roads and construction. But there is still some amazing beauty of the mountains, forests, the Yaak river and various streams and creeks streaming through the hills, the variety of waterfalls to enjoy, and of course the wildlife! Bring your camera and plan on taking your time when traveling up "The Yaak" - you just may appreciate the area.

It's been said that the Yaak river (named by the indians - meaning arrow) flows through the mountainous northwest Montana community and meets the Kootenai river (also named by the indians - meaning bow).

There is no cell service here. Internet is either by dial-up or satellite. Rare, and closer to Highway 2 you may find modest DSL service. So if you are really looking for a good place to unplug - this may help!